Are You Omni-Channel Ready?


Today, the selling opportunities for your brand are endless. With Ascentis e-commerce platform, we help bridge and unify the offline and online shopping experience.


Developed with agility in mind, Ascentis platform allows for expandable customization to suit different business needs. With available APIs and WebServices, we are ready for integration with Inventory, Finance and Fulfillment – the seamless experience starts from the front customer-facing, all the way to the backend operations.

Recommendation Engine

Intelligence is in-built to study the purchase behavior of your customers to recommend the right, upsell and related products

Digital Vouchers

From defined spending behaviors, automatically reward your top spenders with vouchers to be redeemed online, or in store

Integrated with Loyalty

Reward your customers to increase revisits. Reward campaigns such as promo codes, GWP and PWP to entice customers.

Business Intelligence

Gain deep insights to customers’ buying behavior, design complex segmentation, or develop predictive models using our BI tool

Integration Ready

Automate your processes by integrating your eCommece with fulfilment, inventory, and finance

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